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My latest book Evidence-Based Policing: The Basics is designed as a simple guide for interested police officers and students, covering

  • What is evidence-based policing?

  • How do I access evidence and research about policing?

  • How do I create new research and learn what works?

A new website supports the book at The site has additional information for every chapter, as well as links to further information, and even some videos that go into topics in more detail.

College instructors, university faculty, police academy instructors, and confirmed EBP practitioners can sign up to the site for free, and gain detailed access to more than 30 short (5-10 minute) videos that explain aspects of each chapter in more depth. Instructional faculty can also access banks of multiple choice questions for every chapter and video, PowerPoint slides for every chapter, and question banks for every Reducing Crime podcast episode. This requires approved site access obviously.

Signing up for more content

Signing up should be relatively simple. Click on the Instructors link at and then click Sign Up. Fill in the details and confirm by clicking Sign Up again.

The website should then send you a six digit code to confirm you are not a spammer; however... some universities and work email servers have very strict quarantine filters that block emails sent from To be fair, it does look a bit like a spam site.

If you don't receive an email with a six digit confirmation number pretty much immediately, then your email host is probably blocking the incoming email. If so, you have two main options to resolve this.

  1. Use a gmail account or equivalent to sign up. Gmail seems to have looser rules and appears to allow the website to send confirmatory emails. If you have added a professional title and organization, I will grant access to the videos. But if you want access to the question banks and instructional material, you may need to DM me on twitter or through the website to explain that you are an instructor wanting all the goodies.

  2. Whitelist Every email platform is of course different, but to do this in Outlook, right-click on any message in your message list and then select Junk > Junk E-mail Options... Click the tab 'Safe Senders' and then Add.... Paste into the box, and click OK a couple of times. Then try and sign up to the website again.

  3. If you still have problems after trying these options... Email me or send me a DM and we can figure it out.

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Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds
a day ago

I feel strongly about it and love finding out more about it. If you could, as you learn more, would you mind adding more information to your blog quordle


May 13

I am excited to dive into this site. I registered with my work email, but fingers crossed it doesn't get caught in the spam fnf go filter.


Apr 22

I'm not qualified to comment. However, I appreciate the opportunity to learn from your insights.

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