HotSpot Detective

HotSpot Detective was an add-on program for MapInfo. The software inserted itself in the main menu bar of MapInfo and provided the user with a range of useful crime analysis tools. The original version set the standard for interactive crime analysis, allowing the user to conduct complex crime analysis from within MapInfo, without the need to run additional external programs. Everything ran from within the user’s copy of MapInfo.

The last version of HotSpot Detective extended the functionality of the original program by adding sophisticated time analysis functions as well as the capability to automatically detect and map repeat victimization. The new version included the Repeat Location Finder, a Timeline graph facility, and a more enhanced and useful options menu for adjusting program functions. It also included the option of adding a weighting variable to the surface mapping tool as well as mapping surfaces with the built-in mapping tool or generating MapInfo grid files – all in a range of colors.

However; I became a full professor, chair of the department, director of the Center for Security and Crime Science, and I ended working in a local crime environment that was entirely using ESRI ArcGIS. So unfortunately there weren’t enough hours in the day to support the software to the level necessary.

So regretfully, HotSpot Detective is no longer supported.