Book: Intelligence-Led Policing

Definition: “Intelligence-led policing is a business model and managerial philosophy where data analysis and crime intelligence are pivotal to an objective, decision-making framework that facilitates crime and problem reduction, disruption and prevention through both strategic management and effective enforcement strategies that target prolific and serious offenders.”
Source: Ratcliffe, JH (2008) Intelligence-Led Policing. Cullompton: Willan publishing.

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PowerPoint slides that support the book

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1.Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter2 Origins of intelligence-led policing

Chapter 3 The magnitude of the crime challenge

Chapter 4 Defining intelligence-led policing

Chapter 5 Analytical frameworks

Chapter 6 Interpreting the criminal environment

Chapter 7 Influencing decision-makers

Chapter 8 Having an impact on crime

Chapter 9 Evaluating intelligence-led policing

Chapter 10 Challenges for the future

Supplemental material for the book (chapter headings with supporting notes, key terms and names, links and further reading)