22nd district huddleJerry Ratcliffe is a Professor with the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. He also directs the university’s Center for Security and Crime Science. He is a member of the Science Advisory Board for the Office of Justice Programs in the U.S. Department of Justice, sits on the FBI National Academy Advisory Board, and was a member of the National Academies of Sciences panel on Proactive Policing.

Prior to coming to Philadelphia, Dr Ratcliffe was a police officer with London’s Metropolitan Police for over a decade, and a senior research analyst with the Australian Institute of Criminology. His current research projects include a SMART Policing Initiative collaboration with the Philadelphia Police Department (funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance); and, with colleague Ralph Taylor and the Philadelphia Police Department, he recently completed the NIJ-funded Philadelphia Predictive Policing Experiment, the largest randomized field experiment in predictive policing ever undertaken. Prior to this, he was the lead researcher on the Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment and with Elizabeth Groff co-authored the Philadelphia Policing Tactics Experiment

He is the author or co-author of over 80 research articles and six books, including GIS and Crime Mapping, two editions of Strategic Thinking in Criminal Intelligence, Policing Illegal Drug Markets,and Intelligence-Led Policing – which issued a second edition in 2016. He recently co-authored a book on foot patrol with Evan Sorg. For more details of his publications see his Google scholar profile or the publications page above.

Media Inquiries

If you have a media request, visit the Temple University media site, or call 215-204-8561. Their website has a brief faculty focus video of Dr Ratcliffe. He doesn’t comment on stories related to police corruption or misconduct, and generally only comments on stories related to policing and crime in the Philadelphia region.

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